Wait, it’s almost June?!

It’s been almost a whole week since I have posted. That is just a glimpse into how quick this month seems to be passing. Each December I look back on the year and think “wow, this year was over in the blink of an eye” but this year I feel like these first 5 months have been the fastest of my life. How is it that I will be living in my house for a year next week, I’ve been a shark (kitten) mom for a year in 3 weeks, my baby niece will be 2 in just two short months and she is already walking. Wow, time really is crazy these days. Do I sounds like I’m 90 yet?

I feel terrible that I am so behind on posting, and I have so many great posts lined up, but I haven’t been able to add the images yet. For now (I know I keep saying this) I’ll do another weekly catch up about this past fun and busy Memorial Day Weekend.

SharkBait turned 1! She wan’t very fond of her tutu, but she sure did enjoy her ice cream.

I hung out with my little man.


We went to an Orioles game with my favorite family (besides my own).

IMG_8030 I finished reading The Fault In Our Stars. More about this later, what a touching amazing book! I can’t wait for the movie.

We celebrated Memorial Day with one of my favorite Veterans! IMG_8069

I went swimming, outdoors, for the first time this “Summer”.

I also went Paddle boarding for the first time this “Summer”.

Dave and I made a few more big plans that I can’t talk about yet, but I can’t wait to share!

We went to a wine and PaintNite at a bar by Dave’s house and had so much fun! His turned out much better than mine, but come on, he is a graphic designer.

I will be traveling for the next month, so that means even more to post about!



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