Water Sports


I grew up on the water, so water sports were a big deal. What other way would you want to spend a beautiful summer weekend? Out of the boat of course!

In my family, tubing is considered a water sport, and it’s one we take great pride in. Every spring/summer we all wait for the day that the boat gets put in the water so we can get out there and fly across the water. All of us do it, from my grandfather to my youngest brother. We have went through several tubes and banana boats over the last few years, but we crave the thrill so we always buy a new one.

Besides tubing, I love so many other kinds of water sports, which led me to the perfect summer job when I was in Middle and High School. I worked for a company that rented kayaks, windsurfs, sailboats and stand-up paddle boards, and learned how to do all of them within the 4 summers I worked there. Whenever I think of summer, I think of the beautiful days I will be able to spend on the water with my friends.

I am really excited to get better at water skiing this year, and hopefully learn to wakeboard!

Do you like water sports? What else should I try?


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