Wedding Wednesday {Let’s Talk DIYs}

Wedding DIYS

Wedding DIYs are becoming more and more popular, most people chose DIY weddings because of the budget friendly promise, and others because they are crafty and prefer to do things on their own. I am a mix of both of these. Here are some great reasons to incorporate DIYs into your wedding, even if you aren’t necessarily having a “Do-It-Yourself” Wedding.

  • You can be specific. Did you find the perfect sign to welcome your guests, but you aren’t really feeling the color? Buy it (or one similar) and paint it! You can match the colors perfectly if you wanted.
  • Spend time with your bridesmaids. You can have all of your gals over for a fun day of bubbly and crafting. They will be happy to help and you will be able to get a lot done.
  • Saves $$ if you do it right. This can be very hard to stick to. I have shopped around at thrift stores, Facebook sale groups and yardsales for a lot of my wedding decor. After you buy it, decide what exactly you want to do with it. As long as you don’t go crazy, you should be saving money. Buying things in bulk, like flowers, is another big savings.
  • Creativity. This is an obvious but big one. Did you like the aisle decor you found on Pinterest, but you want to add a few things to it? Go for it! Find the pieces and have at it.


I am so excited to be creative for parts of my wedding. While DIYs aren’t necessarily total money savers for our wedding, I love being able to have a personal touch on many aspects. Some DIYS that I will be doing are the favors (2 of 3 I will be DIYing in some sorts), place cards, table numbers, photo booth backdrop, and several others. I can’t wait to start sharing them with all of you! Most of them I won’t be posting about until after the wedding; however, I want to share a piece of one I am working on.

Tissue paper garland has become quite the thing lately. From bridal showers to nurseries, they are popping up everywhere. You can make them look festive or chic, messy or refined. I will be using a few for some different DIYs throughout my wedding, but one of my favorites is a simple one that matches our color scheme.

There are a few instruction pages floating around the internet, but I am giving you mine as well. For this garland I am using 4 different colors. 2 shades of purple and 2 shades of mint green. I used 24×30 inch tissue paper for this garland, and it was the perfect size for the tassels I need. They will each be just under 12 inches long once I twist and tie them.

Step 1- Lay out your tissue paper

Tissue #1

Step 2- Fold length wise

Tissue #2

Step 3- Fold width wise

Tissue #3

Step 4- I used cloths pins to secure the top fold and the side folds. Begin by cutting the tissue paper towards the top fold. I left one inch at the top of my tissue paper. Once unfolded this will leave 2 inches to twist each garland. Depending on the size strand you want, measure a distance for each cut. I cut strands around every half inch.  Tissue #4

Step 5- Continue the above cutting method until you have cut all the way across your tissue paper

Tissue #5

Step 6- Unfold the tissue paper and cut the center fold. This will give you two tassels.  Tissue #6

Step 7- Fold the tissue paper up the center until you reach the end. Once you have a folded piece, twist a few times so the layers do not separate.  Tissue #7


Step 8- You have a finished tassel! Continue these steps until you have as many garland strands as you would like!


Tissue #8

Step 9- Attach to a string, rope, twine, etc. I didn’t photograph this step because you have several options. You can tape the tassels to the string, use washi tape for something decorative, hot glue them so they can’t move, and many other options. This is a chance to get creative!


For now I have it hanging in my living room, and I actually like it here, but it will become wedding decor in less than 6 months! YAY!

p.s. I have terrible lighting in my house, hopefully I can figure out a way to start taking better DIY photos in here during the winter when I am afraid to walk outside.

165 days until


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  • Vivian Stone

    Doing DIY’s is my favorite! I loved doing them for our wedding.

  • Meg Doherty

    I loved doing DIYs for my wedding – it really was fun to get all the girls together just to chat and drink champagne 😉 That garland is so pretty!!

  • Rachel McQuiston

    Such a cute garland and your ring is gorgeous! I did a mix of DIYs and purchased items for my wedding. I wanted to do everything myself, but knew I would not have the time (or sanity) for it all!


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