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Wedding Wednesday {5 Months To Go!}

Actually, it’s less than 5 months. There are only 143 days…that is 20.5 weeks. Can you believe it?! I know I sure can’t. I have been able to get a lot done in this past month, and I am feeling really confident about having everything finished a month before our wedding. Granted, that leaves me about 100 days to finished everything else, but I think I can do it. I just may need a little help.
Since my 6 month update, here is what I had in mind to finish-
  • Tent. DONE! We were between two companies throughout this month, but we have decided on one and I am so excited to be working with them.
  • Linens and drapes. DONE…well, halfway done. We have the linens ordered, but I am waiting to hear a final quote for the drapery. Drapery is something I really want, but don’t need. I am hoping it will fit within our budget.
  • Meet with Venue. DONE! We visited our venue and I have the complete vision in my head. I can’t wait to say I do there!
  • Book hotel block. DONE! This was took me through the ringer. If you recall all of the problems I was having last month, I didn’t even know if this was going to happen. My mom saved the day, killed the mean ol’ manager with kindness and we have it booked!
  • Look into a get together for the bridal party. Still Thinking. I really want to do this, I just don’t know when there would be time, especially with people all over the world being in the bridal party.
Other things completed:
  • More DIYs started. My sister came over last weekend and we knocked out the place card holders, some of the favors and some other little things. I have a lot of things left to start and finish, but I am confident they will be done within the next 2 or so months. Some of my bridesmaids are going to come over and help me knock them out quickly.
  • We chose a hashtag! This took much more effort than I originally thought it would. Everything I suggested, Dave didn’t love, and vice versa. We finally picked #VolpesTieTheKnot!
  • The Invitations have been started. Dave began working on the design a few days ago, and we will probably order them in the next two weeks. I can’t wait to see them all together!
  • Alterations scheduled! My dress hardly needs alterations, but of course that meant that I needed something big changed. My dress currently has a zipper, and while I still love it, I am having a corset put in. I am all about the photos and I would really love a picture of my mom or sister lacing up the back of my dress.
  • Make-up Trial Completed. I found an amazing and affordable makeup artist on Facebook and she came to my house for a trial. Since one of my best friends is getting married 3 weeks before me, she came over for a trial as well. We both loved the way it turned out and booked her for our weddings that evening. I can’t wait to see everything come together on the big day!

Hopefully we will finish more this upcoming weekend. I am so happy to be nearing the end, but actually getting nervous at the same time. It’s like I am just realizing what is going on.


Don’t forget to link up with Meg and I, we would love to have you! We can’t wait to read your bridal tales, wedding stories and of course look at the pictures from your big day!

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