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Wedding Wednesday {6 Months ’til Mrs. Volpe}


Happy Wedding Wednesday, this is the first week with your new hosts! Meg and I are so excited to be taking over this link-up, and we can’t wait to live through you during all of your wedding planning and recaps. I am going to be sharing stories about my upcoming wedding, tips and tricks I learn along the way, and tales from becoming a Wedding Planner myself! Be sure to grab the new button and come back every week to link-up!

I am 6 months and 3 days out from my wedding. Oh my gosh. How did that happen? I feel like I have a good amount of stuff done, but then there are so many other things not completed. I am thankful for the “down” time with Dave not being able to leave the house for several weeks, because I ill have a chance to catch up. I plan on DIYing, calling several places and getting things in order while he is busy sleeping or playing video games after his surgery.

I have my to-do list ready with things I need to get done before we are down to only 5 months! These past several months have been flying by, it’s so exciting but scary at the same time. Here’s to hoping I can knock these things out in the next 4 weeks.

  • Tent. I need to get the contract signed for our tent, I am just waiting on the caterer to let me know which kind she will need in addition to the big one before I sign the contract.
  • Linens and drapes. We decided what colors we are going with for linens, which actually took a longer discussion than I thought. We are going with a single color for all of the tables and then a single color napkin. You may have to wait and see what we decided though 😉
  • Meet with Venue. We are 100% set with our venue, but we need to check out a few things like electric outlets and just how many trees there are to be lit.
  • Book hotel block. This is a pretty frustrating task currently. I called to reserve the rooms 2 months ago and was told to call back once it got closer, so I called them this past week. Come to find out the prices went up…$40 more a night! I was so upset and aggravated because I was told the block room rate did not change, I explained this to the sales manager and they said they can’t do anything about it. I am trying to work something out at a different hotel but nobody has called me back.
  • Look into a get together for the bridal party. I am thinking about having a day before the wedding for all of the guys and gals taking part and helping with our wedding to get together and hang out, go out on the boat, cook-out, etc before the big day. This would be a nice time to give out gifts and just relax before things get crazy. I would like to do this Thursday afternoon/night before the rehearsal dinner day of Friday. I just have to make sure everyone will be around. Did anyone else do this for their Bridal party?

Something exciting that happened this week: The guys ordered their shoes! We decided on custom shoes and they went on sale this week so everybody was able to order theirs. Now we just need to 100% decide on guys attire.

My first real post went live on Budget Savvy Bride yesterday- What To Do When You Get Engaged.

Grab the new Wedding Wednesday button and link-up, I can’t wait to read your stories!

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