Wedding Wednesday {Asking Our Groomsmen}

I don’t know how I let this slip through the cracks, we asked our groomsmen over the summer when we asked the bridesmaids. I was going through pictures and noticed I never posted about these awesome gifts that Dave made all by himself. I originally had the idea of gift boxes for my girls, and Dave loved it so much that he wanted to do the same thing with a manly twist. Dave actually finished his boxes before I even started mine.

I love the vintage look of the boxes, and the felt lining to make it complete.

Groomsmen box 3

Groomsmen box 2

Unlike the nail polish and champagne I gave my gals, Dave went with jack and coke.

Groomsmen Box The purple bowties will be the bowties they wear in the wedding, I can’t wait to see the guys all dressed up!

How did you ask your Bridal party to be in the wedding?


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  • Megan @ Semi-Charmed Kind of L

    I love these! My husband did something very similar for his groomsmen gifts: Wooden boxes (that he varnished himself!) with felt inside, plus engraved pocketknives. We have such crafty men in our lives. 😉

    • Macy Gutermuth

      It’s wonderful having a crafty man around, it helps me from getting over my head with all of my crazy DIY ideas 😉

  • Samantha Ehredt

    Love this idea! This is very similar to our thank you gifts for the groomsmen in our wedding party. As a matter of fact, I’m quite positive we used the exact same boxes! Great minds….

    • Macy Gutermuth

      You can’t beat the deals in craft stores- especially with 50% off coupons haha. I am so happy with how they turned out. It’s crazy that people sell them on Esty for $30+

  • Meg Doherty

    These are seriously the best!! I just LOVE your anchor symbol with the rings and ampersand! Mike asked his groomsmen by “icing” them – remember that??

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Ah, yes! it seems like that was so long ago haha. We plan on getting all of our bridal party with “icing” them at the rehearsal dinner :) and thank you! I really can’t it enough that having a graphic designer around is so helpful.

  • rachael

    Such a great idea! This nautical theme is just fantastic :) What a the perfect way of asking the guys.

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Thank you! My nautical obsession is finally being put to something haha

  • Lisa McDermott

    Such a cute gift! LOVE it!

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Thank you! They all seemed to like their boxes :)

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