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Wedding Wednesday {Becoming Mrs. Volpe}


Happy Wednesday! This is my new favorite day of the week because it will be spent updating on where I stand with Wedding things. I also get to share more pictures from our engagement!Not too much has happened since last week, but I am excited to share anyways. I am also going to talk about why I AM changing my last name, and there is no question about it.

I’ll start with the most important thing, my last name. There has never been a “maybe I won’t change my last name” thought in my mind. I am so excited to have the same last name as Dave and our future children and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I can see why others choose to keep their name, or combine two last names, but that just isn’t me. Personally, I think that taking Dave’s last name is one of the biggest ways to show him that I love him and will for the rest of our lives. I know that he wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t, but in my mind, why wouldn’t I? For starters, my name will be easier to spell and read, we will officially be announced as Mr and Mrs Volpe at our wedding, and there will never be a question if our kids are mine. In the end, it’s just what I think will work for us.

The past week has been full of conversations with my mom about all things wedding, so many congratulations, daydreams of how everything will turn out and so much more. I can’t wait to have more checked off my to-do list though! Here is how things are going, planning wise:

We have everything 95% ready for our soon-to-be Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Flower Girls. We just need to decide what to get for our Ring Bearer.

Book our venue. This is one of the big secrets I have had for a few months now that I have been so excited t share. Dave and I decided a while ago where we wanted our wedding, we have done the flowers for a wedding here before and it is incredibly perfect. The upset to this is they haven’t returned my phone calls or emails in a week and a half, it’s really stressing me out, but there isn’t a thing I can do about it. I really hope we don’t need to find another venue.

Start making appointments for photographers (practically the most important thing for me), videographers, and caterers. I have an account on, and I have received so many proposals, now it’s time to narrow it down and make some choices.

Decide on a honeymoon itinerary. This is also a secret I have been keeping. Dave and I had a European trip in mind for next summer that will now officially be our honeymoon! We were planning on taking a smaller trip since it would have only been a vacation, but now that we will have a honeymoon around the same time we are going bigger and better and escaping for almost 2 weeks!

Finding a photographer and outfits for engagement pictures. I have a good friend that lives around Bethany Beach, DE so we will have her take photos on the beach, and we also want some done in (hopefully) Ravens Stadium and around Baltimore City.

DRESS SHOPPING! I could not be more excited for this, but I am also crazy nervous. I bought 2 prom dresses for my Junior and Senior prom because I found one I loved and then found another I loved even more. This cannot happen again!

Engagement Party dress shopping. Since one of my best friends is having it, I won’t need to stress and all I can think about is what dress I will wear. Yay!

This is already such an adventure and I am loving every minute of being engaged. I’m getting more and more excited about what is to come.




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