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Wedding Wednesday {Macy’s Last Sail}

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday! Our wedding is exactly 10 days from right. no My bachelorette party was over the weekend and my gals did not disappoint. I hardly knew anything about our trip, besides the fact that we had a condo and were going to Ocean City, Maryland for the weekend. If you aren’t familiar with Ocean City, I will summarize. We live 2 hours away from the beach and basically if you live in Baltimore, your summers are spent in OC. There are family activities (putt-putt, arcades, etc), teen activities (paintball, roller coasters, etc) and then adult activities (beach bars, delicious happy hours, karaoke bars). I have countless memories from OC, and this was the perfect time to add some more.

Before I begin, this is a picture heavy and long post, I hope your’ll stick around 😉

I arrived in the airport from my trip to Vegas in the early morning on Friday and I could not have been happier to see one of my best friends waiting for me at baggage claim! She drove up from North Carolina for the weekend, and my excitement could not be contained. The weekend had officially started. We picked up another one of my best friends early Friday morning, and despite the rain, began our adventure to the beach. We had a great ride, and I was bursting with excitement yet again to arrive to Ocean City.

IMG_4464 IMG_4239

IMG_4231 IMG_4242

Once we got there, I was told to wait in the car until all of the decorations were finished. When I was allowed to go into the condo, I was ecstatic. There were hangover kits, sashes, a crown, adorable decorations, and all of my best friends waiting inside.  The theme of the weekend was Macy’s Last Sail and it was perfect. The weekend was really kicking off the right way! We all settled in and began the games. There was a pair of underwear from each of my gals and I had to guess who bought which pair. I only got 1 wrong! We spent some time sipping on cocktails, playing some games, and then began getting ready for dinner.

Also, can I just add that I was so thankful to have a selfie stick! How is one person to hold their arm out long enough to get 7-10 people in one photo? Go-go gadget arm? I don’t think so. ReTrak was cool enough to send me some goodies, including selfie sticks, for my bachelorette weekend and it was amazing. I loved being able to get everyone in a shot, and even take a few at a time. I recommend buying one or several before any events, you can get them here or here.

FullSizeRender-1 IMG_4488


We went to Shark on the Harbor for dinner and it was delicious! It was a bit outside of Ocean City, but it was worth it. After dinner we headed to Fager’s Island for some more drinks and dancing! I have only been here twice in my 24 years of being at the beach, but it never disappoints. There are 2 areas to dance, a pier out over the water, and bon fires around the beach. It was the perfect first night, my favorite memory is all of us singing our hearts out to Bad Blood.




Saturday was a bit of a toss up because of the rain, but that didn’t hold us back from hitting up Seacrets. This place has water rafts, bars in the bay, great drinks, and it turns into a nightclub after dark. We wanted to get a good spot on the water so we got there early, not quite thinking about the rain keeping some people away. We ended up with a great spot and spent a few hours before the storms really rolled it.

FullSizeRender-2 IMG_4484

After Seacrets we changed into our matching shirts and went to the boardwalk for this thing called a wrapper…pretty much the best snack you could ever get. It was so nice having everyone together and enjoying each others company. After some wrappers we headed to a bar on the boardwalk for giant margaritas while it rained. I wish we could have gotten some better photos of all of us in our matching shirts, but the one in the rain will have to do. It truly captured the moment.

Once we got back to our condo, the gals had the coolest game for me. One of my friends had her husband quiz Dave with 15 questions, and then I had to answer them myself. I loved watching the video of Dave’s answers. If I got an answer right, everyone did a shot, if I got it wrong, that was a shot for me. Lets just say they all enjoyed their beverages. After some games, we all got ready for another fun night out. Before dinner we had a quick photo shoot on the beach, I highly recommend this to anyone with a beach bachelorette! IMG_4459 IMG_4463
We ate at Dead Freddies and headed to Seacrets for some dancing. The only thing about Maryland that I wish I could change, is the bars closing between 1:30/2. If only they were open until 4!

IMG_4472 FullSizeRender IMG_4368 IMG_4376

We continued the night walking down the strip, and being sad that this amazing weekend was almost over. After breakfast the next day my friends were off again, one heading back to California, a few back to Baltimore, and one leaving for North Carolina. I had the most perfect weekend, and I could never thank these girls enough. One weekend and a Taylor Swift concert now stand between me and June 20th! I can’t believe it!

YAY! You made it through, I don’t know how I will keep the wedding posts short!

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