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Wedding Wednesday {Pink & Gold Shower}

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I am sure you all know by now that this is my favorite day of the week, and my favorite subject to blog about. I have had such a great time co-hosting this link-up with Meg, and I love getting to know all of you through your wedding posts as well! Thank you all for coming back week after week and sharing your memories with us.

This week I am sharing some details from my best friends Bridal Shower! Two weeks ago we kicked off wedding activities with her shower, and had such a fun time. Before I get into all of the exciting details, I would like to send out a congrats to my fave football player…Justin Tucker and his new wife for tying the knot on Saturday. Their wedding looked absolutely beautiful and I think it’s pretty cool that Alex and Jack from All Time Low were two of the Groomsmen. It was fun watching their friendship blossom via stalkingΒ following their twitters and Instagrams….

Anyways, back to the real purpose of this post..Jenn’s Bridal Shower! The hall is right next door to her moms house so it was a given to host it there. My only complaint would be the bright green walls. As soon as I walked in I was slapped in the face with so much green. I knew I needed to find a way to transform this space, all while working with my own wedding budget, and not exactly any assistance from other BMs. Thankfully, Joanns was having a sale, and I started buying goods months ago.

I figured fabric would be the best way to cover the walls, so I bought a few yards, and got to work the morning of the shower. With some inspiration from Pinterest I knew to get all of the fixings for a mimosa bar and a candy bar, but also to have some decor for the present area as well. I had a lot of fun putting together everything, and I think Jenn loved it as well!

IMG_5055 IMG_5052 IMG_5050 IMG_5044 Shower 2 Shower 1 IMG_5070 It is so much fun planning our weddings together, and now sharing in all of these memories together! I highly recommend finding a BFF to be engaged with at the same time πŸ˜‰

Don’t forget to link up with me and Meg for Wedding Wednesday, we would love to have you! We can’t wait to read your bridal tales, wedding stories and of course look at the pictures from your big day!

<div align="center"><a href="http://totravelandbeyond.com/" title="ToTravelandBeyond"><img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/DuTUDWIem5UvRgTQOtJG5fpd1bgDDdkNlu3CnKG4iN4=s207-p-no" alt="ToTravelandBeyond" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


    • Macy Gutermuth

      Aren’t they! What hall would paint the walls that color? I could not believe it when I walked in. A few guests said the decor pulled the attention away from the green, so that made me feel better about it.

  • rachael

    You did such a great job! This shower is just absolutely beautiful. It really is the best to plan a wedding at the same time as your BFF! My MOH is getting married in October 2016, so we are both loving this time in our lives!

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Thank you so much!! It’s really such a special addition to the normal plans of a wedding. We are able to share in every moment together, and it’s crazy to look back on our photos from prom and graduation together, and realize this is just another adventure!

  • Meg Doherty

    Love love LOVE the pink and gold theme!! We had a mimosa bar like that in our bridal suite before the wedding, and I highly recommend it – gets rid of all the nerves πŸ™‚ You two look so cute with your drinks, and it looks like so much fun!

    • Macy Gutermuth

      I was so excited when the bride said she wanted pink and gold. It was so much fun putting everything together! I am for sure going to have a mimosa bar the morning of the wedding now, I know I will be a mess πŸ˜‰

  • Christina Sotherden

    I love everything about this! Can’t go wrong with pink and gold; so perfect! A mimosa bar is always a great addition!

  • Mary Bolster

    How exciting!! One of my best friend’s is getting married about two months after me, and I’m loving talking all things wedding with her. I am actually doing her bridal shower as well. And it’s going to be a pink and gold shower with a mimosa bar…crazy! Must be popular right now, haha. Love this post.

    • Macy Gutermuth

      Pinterest had countless pink and gold ideas for the shower, so I loved the colors she choose. I can’t wait to see photos from your friends shower. I’m sure it will be beautiful. It’s so fun planning for others while they are planning for your events just the same.

  • Haley

    Love that mimosa bar! I somehow end up planning all the wedding events for my group of friends and can’t wait to use this as inspiration!

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