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Wedding Wednesday {Standing By My Side}


Happy Wedding Wednesday! This is for sure my favorite day of the week lately, I love organizing my thoughts and sharing the progress so far (and as I said last week, sharing more engagement photos!). Last week I mentioned that we had 95% finished everything for our wedding party and I am happy to say it is about 98% now. We even asked our first bridesmaid, groomsmen and my maid-of-honor this week, but I will leave that story for another Wednesday once we have asked them all. We still haven’t decided what to do for our Ring Bearer, but it will come to me. 

This post is mainly about how I choose the girls standing by my side throughout this process. My sister, and two of my cousins were a given. We have been in each others lives since they were born, and I wouldn’t want anybody else to replace their spot in my heart. Besides the three of them basically being a given, it was very hard for me to decide who else I wanted to stand by me. I have many best friends and all of them are near and dear to me in different ways.

After talking this over with my mom we decided that there are a few things that I will need to be managed during the day of our wedding, and why not have a few of my closest friends. So instead of having a ton of bridesmaids, I’m going to ask a few girls to be apart of my wedding in a different way. It will really mean a lot for me to have friends doing some of the important jobs during such a big day for me. I can’t wait to ask everyone else if they will be a part of our special day!

Now for a few updates on everything else wedding related!

-We finally heard back from our dream venue. They don’t have a permit for weddings currently but are working towards getting a new one. We are praying that everything gets worked out within the next few weeks, but have decided to start looking into some other places

-We had our first vendor meeting. Who would have thought it would be with planners. Since I am a planner, I knew that even I would need one, however, I will only be using one month/day of to pull everything together while I am busy getting myself together

-Still no luck finding a photographer. I have found a few that I love but they are way out of budget

-No outfits yet. I am looking for 2 engagement photo outfits and one for the engagement party, any ideas where to look?

-I am making my dress shopping appointment next week! I am going to David’s Bridal first to decide which style dress I want, and then to a few dress boutiques around the area

I’m so excited to be inching my way down the to-do list, and I can’t wait to get some more done!

Wedding Wednesday



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