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The Wedding Details You Need: Must Have Wedding Items

wedding details

This list is full of wedding details that you could have to make your day the very best. We all know that you can look on Pinterest for wedding planning timelines and it will give you endless options, but have you ever tried to find a list of things you need? If you try and find a list of actual items you should get for your wedding day, you probably won’t find a single list pointing you in the right direction. How do I know this? I spent hours trying to find one last week and had zero luck. Now I am pretty certain I am not forgetting anything because of the weddings I have planned, and how fine tuned I am to the details, but because of that I am also stressing because I feel like something will slip through the cracks.

Once I realized the Pinterest wedding world is lacking something like this, I realized this is something I should be providing my clients, the #enchantingbride. I want to guide them in the right direction and assist them with creating the day of their dreams, that is where this list comes in. I have gathered wedding details and items you should have for your wedding day. Some of these items won’t be for everyone, for example anything related to escort cards, if you have an open seating plan, ignore those.

  • Card box- This could be a decorated shoebox, or an elaborate crate. Whatever you decide, it’s a great idea to have one since most people bring cards to a wedding.
  • Card Table Sign- This will guide people in the right direction when they arrive to the wedding and want to drop off their gift.
  • Cake Knife- Something plain or something fancy, as long as you have something and don’t need to use your hands.
  • Extra Tables- You will need a few extra tables besides the normal guest and cocktail tables. A few of those are DJ, Gift Table, Guest Book Table, Escort Table, etc.
  • Guest book & Pens- There are so many options for a guest book, so keep this one fun!
  • Menu Sign- If you have a buffet I suggest putting one large menu sign up, or having one on each table.
  • Aisle Runner- If you decide to have a runner customized begin to think about this 5-6 months ahead of time.
  • Hanger For Your Dress- This has become one of my pet peeves. I think that every beautiful wedding dress deserves a pretty hanger as well, especially for those full length photos. This doesn’t have to be expensive, you could just get a wooden hanger, but I like custom ones the best.
  • Sweetheart Table Decor- If you decide to have a sweetheart table, it is typical to have some small pieces of decor on the table as well. Mr & Mrs letter are very popular.
  • Chair Signs- If you want to have something extra on the newlywed chairs, think about something that goes with your theme or even just use flowers similar to your bouquet.
  • Props- If you decide to use a photo booth and you would like specific props. These are easy to make or buy
  • Programs- You can either have individual programs, or a large sign with the order of events.
  • Cake Plate- You will likely need to buy one of these unless your baker supplies it. You can get something basic, or use something that matches your theme.
  • Cake Topper- Some couples choose to use flowers or other decor for this, just be sure to think ahead and decide what you will be using.
  • Table Decor- Obviously there will be decor on all of the guest tables, but be sure to remember the escort table and gift table. You can really bring out your theme buy getting decor for these tables as well.
  • Escort Cards- You can stay simple and just have a card with each name and table number, or you can do something more fancy that matches your theme.
  • Signs- Directional signs, bathroom signs, and bar signs are the most common.
  • Bathroom Baskets- If you decide to have something extra for guests in the bathroom of your venue. Things to include: bobby pins, personal products, tide to go, gum, etc.
  • Table Numbers- This can be something included in your centerpieces, or you can add something different like a picture instead of a number.
  • Reserved Signs- If you plan on reserving seats for family, or others, make sure you have something to make off their seats.
  • Emergency Kit- You can buy a pre-made kit, or assemble one yourself. There are many DIY options on Pinterest or even just by googling emergency kit items.
  • Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue- This tradition will be carried on through my wedding, and I can’t wait to share what each item is. There are so many ways to bring each piece into your day, from shoes, to nail polish or even parts of your wedding gown.
  • Hotel Bags- If you have guests staying in a hotel keep in mind that a small token of appreciation is nice, but not necessary.
  • Unity Ceremony Decor- If you decide to do a unity ceremony with sand, or anything other option, make sure to purchase each part you will need. If you plan on having it personalized, look into this at least 4 months in advance.
  • Rings- You may need these when you get down the aisle.
  • Ring Box- If you are having a ring bearer. This could also be something different, I have seen some carrying a safe down the aisle dressed as “ring security”
  • Photo Props- If you want to use any sort of prop during your photos, make sure to pack it. A common prop would be a large ampersand.
  • ย Apron- This is used for the dollar/apron dance. Not every wedding carries on this tradition, but I think it is a fun way to get everyone on the dance floor.
  • Garters- If you decide to take part in this tradition, you may want to get two, one will be for the toss and one will be for you to keep.
  • Flower Girl Accessories- Will your Flower Girl be using a basket? What about something for her hair?
  • Favor Jar- Depending on which type of favors you will have, you may need a separate table or box to hold them.
  • Marriage License- With all of the planning and crazy times around the wedding, make sure you schedule a time to get your marriage license! Typically you will need both people, and you will have to go M-F between 8-4. This varies based on location.
  • Memory Table Decor- There are many options to include loved ones no longer with you on your big day. The most popular is having a table dedicated to them with pictures of each person.
  • Getting Ready Attire- This may be something that matches your bridesmaids, or it could be something you uniquely have like a shirt that says Bride, or a Bride robe. Just make sure you can take it off without messing up your hair and makeup
  • List of Phone Numbers- If you have a wedding coordinator this should be included with the wedding timeline, but it is a good idea to give a copy of all important numbers to your Maid-of-Honor and other vendors. (Thank you, Rachel, for this suggestion!)

Do you have anything to add to this list? What wedding details would you suggest?


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