Hopes & Plans: April (& Weekending)

I hope everyone had a nice Easter Weekend, it sure did seem to go by quickly. It was really nice to have a weekend full of relaxation and family time, but today is back to full speed ahead. It was crazy for me to realize that this will likely be my last holiday at home with just my parents and siblings. Dave went to his parents for the weekend, but we won’t be spending holidays apart once we are married. It was bittersweet to think about. It was also adorable when my littlest brother climbed into bed with me and asked me to come home for every Easter. It was a wonderful time, and I am so happy the weather is finally warming up.

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Now for Hopes & Plans! I cant believe this is the 4th monthly goals link-up for 2015. I am excited to see what progress I have made, and to add a few new things.

March Goals:

Be Comfortable In My Own Skin. I am pretty sure that this will forever remain on the list. Does someone ever become comfortable in how they look and feel. I work towards this everyday, I just really wonder if it will happen.

Take Yoga Classes. These are still SO expensive. I need to get back on track with Youtube yoga!

Plan A 2016 Trip. We know what two of our trips for next year will be, but as I keep saying, I need help planning the 3rd. It’s a rough choice choosing between so many beautiful places we have never been. We also might have a destination wedding to attend, so that would throw some things for a loop.

Mountain Bike More. Dave is fully recovered, and this will be happening soon!

Sew Awesome Things. My 1st project is still sitting half finished. I just haven’t had the motivation, which makes me super sad because I was so excited to get my new sewing machine.

Launch Our Website. DONE! I will be sharing more about this soon 🙂

Pay Off Debt. This is slowly happening, but I got a Southwest credit card this month and a bit more debt has been accrued. But not enough to worry me. I am also doing well paying off any new debt right away.

Start a Daily Devotional. I am still looking for a good one! I have been reading Between The Sheets though and it’s amazing. I will be posting about this soon as well!

April Hopes & Plans

April Goals:

Enjoy The Single Life. I have two more months left of being single. My best friends bachelorette party is this month, and I would love to have a few more girls nights before we are married. I know activities like this won’t stop once we are married, but I want to continue them throughout the months leading up to our wedding. In between planning and busy life, it’s needed!

Craft More. I have an endless list of crafts for our wedding, and a list of crafts to do for my nephews 1st birthday party. I can’t wait to get started- but first I need to finish buying the supplies!

Encourage Others More. I have some amazing friends. It would be great to remember that I should encourage them more. I will be thinking of ways to do this throughout the month, and hope I can at least make them smile or laugh for an extra minute.

I am linking up with Marry-Mint for Hopes & Plans & B Loved Boston for Weekending!

Happy Monday!



  • Meagan Rigney

    These are great goals! I felt that once I hit 30 I felt much more comfortable in my skin for some reason, much better than I felt in my 20’s. There is hope!

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