It finally feels like spring here in Baltimore, and I couldn’t be more excited about wearing a light jacket and sunglasses almost everyday. Winter seemed to drag on, likely due to my excitement for the last day of spring (hint- our wedding). I had a really busy weekend, and forgot to take pictures during most of it- bad blogger, I know! But that won’t stop me from recapping…

Friday was the Orioles Opening Day game, for most of my friends that meant day drinking and celebrating. For me, it meant staying at work until 6pm to finish up some last minute things. This actually worked out really well because it had just stopped raining. The O’s lost, but that didn’t stop Baltimore from having a great kick-off to the season. It was nice being able to hang out outside after the clouds has passed and I left work. I can’t wait to get to a game!

What did Dave and I do on a super beautiful Saturday?… well we talked about going for a bike ride, but it was really windy. Then we talked about having a picnic, but again, sort of windy. So we settled on sitting inside of a movie theatre. We watched “Get Hard” and while it was pretty good, I would recommend waiting for Red Box.

After the movies, I went to my friends house for a much needed girls night. We crafted, ate too much, and had some delicious drinks. I am so excited for all of the girls days and nights coming up for our weddings, and this was the perfect start to all of them!

Sunday was so busy, but my favorite day of the weekend. I left early to meet a friend that was in Baltimore for her friends wedding and happened to have some extra time for brunch. I love being able to spend some quality time with one of my best friends that I hardly get to see. She lives in North Carolina now, but hopefully we will be neighbors when we are ready to move!

After brunch, Dave met me and we were off to spend the rest of the day with his family. Everyone is in last minute detail mode for the wedding, so we all had lots to talk about. It was nice to soak in a little more of the Spring sunshine while we talked.

Did you have a nice weekend?
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