What A Super Weekend


Happy Monday!…wait errr it’s Monday already? I hope you all had a nice weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend in Baltimore, but it is all rain in the forecast today. I was really excited for the snow we were supposed to get, womp womp.

My Friday was spent catering to poor little SharkBait who was spayed that morning. We didn’t plan on needing one of those silly white cones, so we never stopped to get one. We probably should have though, we improvised with scrapbook paper and painters tape. I wanted to opt for something cute but Dave didn’t really care. It sure was tough getting it on her, but she seems to be dealing with it now.


Saturday I dropped my sister and her friend off at a concert held in The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD (which is an amazing venue, I totally recommend checking it out). I was able to enjoy a night gallivanting around the area with a friend finishing some shopping for the big game. It really was nice to have a night to freely shop and take my time buying what I needed. It was kind of like I was taking my time to smell the roses, but in this case the flowers were Starbucks.

GAME DAY! A friend of mine is opening a bakery and bought tickets for us to go to the Baltimore Bride Experience show at the convention center. I, of course, was ALL in! I planned on attending anyway just so I could scout out the competition as I begin to partake in my own side of wedding and event planning. We had so much fun! We pretended to be engaged, got free cake, took lots of photo booth pictures, and even got our hair done. It was really nice to see all of the different outlooks from different companies even though their end goal is the same.Image

As game time approached, I changed into my navy, green and grey and started chowing down. We all enjoyed playing the Super Bowl drinking game as we continued to watch the Seahawks destroy Peyton and the gang. It was bittersweet to reminisce on the Ravens winning the Super Bowl last year, and remembering how much fun we all had. It is a great feeling seeing your team get covered in that confetti. Great game, Seattle! But we’re coming for that trophy next year!

ImageThanks for the reminder Timehop 😉 Thanks for the reminder Timehop 😉 ImageFun Fact: The Lombardi trophy is from Tiffany & Co., that is one big blue bag 😉

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