Where To Eat In Seattle, Washington

where to eat in seattle

One of my favorite parts of planning a trip is finding out which restaurants we should try, I always feel like we need more time just so we are able to eat more. Seattle was no different! This city had some of the best food offerings we could have asked for, there were so many options and I didn’t know what to chose. From breakfast to dinner and snacks, we were spoiled on our trip with where to eat in Seattle. I’m praying some of these offerings make their way to Baltimore so we can indulge more often.

While I would have loved to eat more than 3 meals a day, it was more cost and calorie effective to stick to what we should have rather than what we really wanted. These 5 restaurants are well worth the trip, and I’m sure anyone would enjoy the menu.

Top Pot Donuts Where To Eat In Seattle

Top Pot Doughnuts- This place seems to be a favorite for many, and I can see why. There was a Top Pot right near our hotel, so of course we needed to stop in. I loved the set-up of the cafe, there were two levels with floor to ceiling bookshelves and it had a cute, quaint vibe. It was a great place to rest and have a sweet snack before continuing our walk around town. I had a Raspberry Old Fashioned and Dave had a Chocolate Old Fashioned I also tried a latte and everything was delicious.

The Pink Door- I loved this restaurant so much, I already blogged an entire post about it. If you want to see why I loved this place so much and how unique of an experience it was, check out this post specifically about The Pink Door.

Rachels Ginger Beer Where To Eat In Seattle

Rachels Ginger Beer

Rachel’s Ginger Beer- This isn’t exactly a restaurant, in-fact I’m not even sure if they sold food (although they were connected to a sandwich shop) but it’s a must-go place because of the ginger beer. Rachel’s had over 10 flavors of ginger beer, all on tap and ready to serve. You can get a float, mule, just the ginger beer, or another type of cocktail. We sampled a few and then I decided on a specialty mule and Dave had a float. My mule was the best I have ever had, and Dave’s float was pretty tasty as well.

Biscuit Bitc*– This is a Seattle chain breakfast place and so incredible delicious. There was one at the bottom of our hotel, so of course we had to go there…it was so good we went twice. They have various types of biscuit breakfasts from sandwiches, to biscuits and gravy you could get it however you wanted. I ordered the biscuits and gravy with grits and eggs and it was amazing. I have actually been craving it since we were there. The Vanilla Buzz latte was amazing as well and I have never had anything like it. 5 stars to this place for their unique food and drink, as well as the eclectic area. While every menu option was “bitc*” something, they didn’t make me say it when I ordered my meal ?

Pike Place Chowder  Where To Eat In Seattle

Pike Place Chowder- Unfortunately, the people in front of us got the last sourdough bread bowls, but that didn’t sway our decision to eat here. The line was very long, I heard it always is, and it was still worth it. There were 5+ types of chowder to chose from, and a market special. My favorite part about this place was the chowder sampler. First you could get a tiny sample of each, and then you could chose up to four 5 ounce servings. Dave got the sampler and I had a 12oz cup of the special of the day which was lobster corn chowder. They gave us some bread and we devoured the chowder, all of it was delicious.

Have you ever been to these places in Seattle?

  • Megan

    OMGGGG the doughnut looks amazing! Also, I know you were in heaven with the ginger beer place, mules for days! Amiright? :) It looks like you guys nailed it in the food department for this trip!

    • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

      Those doughnuts were amazing! I have been craving them since we were there. Seriously!! If we had a fresh ginger beer place in Baltimore I would be in big trouble!

  • http://www.wanderingweekenders.com/ Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    All of that food looks so good! The Biscuit Bitc* sounds like my type of place, a place that feeds you tons of carbs! I loved your post about The Pink Door, so we’ll have to try and stop there when we visit!

    • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

      YES!! It was incredible! I wasn’t expecting much, honestly, but I have never been more excited to be wrong about a place. I loved it!

  • http://www.thelowcountrymama.com Jacquelyn @ Lowcountry Mama

    I loove ginger beer cocktails but have never tried other flavors. Picking restaurants is definitely one of my favorite things about traveling.. I always eat SO much

    • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

      I was overjoyed with the various flavors of Ginger Beer and really wish we had something like that in Baltimore. GIRL, me too! it is terrible!

  • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

    oh my, I’ve only been to a handful of these places! I need to get moving.

  • http://www.littletranquility.com/ Amanda

    Great choices! I get so excited when I see people exploring and loving my city! :)

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