Visit A Couples Resort

Why You Should Visit A Couples Resort

Visit A Couples Resort

IMG_3883 Last year we went on a vacation to Jamaica, which I briefly talked about twice so far. I keep meaning to come back and share more about this amazing trip, but time gets the best of me. I had such a hard time deciding on a resort, there are endless options, and there were so many things on my wish-list. All-inclusive, mini-bar, excursions, several pools, oh my I just didn’t know how to narrow it down. After extensive research, we decided to go to a Couples Resort in Ocho Rios, called Tower Isle. This decision could not have been more perfect, and while I could go on and on about why it was so perfect, I am sharing my top 6 reasons you shouldn’t go to any other resorts in Jamaica and why you should visit a couples resort. Jamaica Couples Resort

1- All-inclusive- This meant endless drinks from beer, to mixed drinks, to shots. We could have whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We had access to everything in the mini-bar, 5 restaurants, 4 bars, 2 large pools, a mineral pool, a beach, and a private island. Did I mentioned endless drinks?
2- Included Excursions– This was actually the main reason we decided to go with Couples. I was finding that most of the all-inclusive resorts, weren’t actually ALL-inclusive. Many resorts (like Sandals) will charge you for your excursions off of the property. With Couples we didn’t have a pay a single dime once we arrived, and we went off the property for 3 excursions, and had several available to us on the property. Depending on which resort you go to, there were different options. Some included swimming with dolphins and other tours, while ours included things like a trip to the Dunn’s River Waterfalls. Besides the excursion itself, we also had transportation included. There was also transportation available almost everyday into town, several catamaran cruises, glass-bottom boat tours, and scuba diving. There were so many things available to use that were INCLUDED in our price, that we could have stayed for weeks.

3- Amazing Staff– The employees at Couples were incredible, I am even friends with a few of them on Facebook. They made sure to remember our name, they would hang out with us after they got off work, and made sure we knew all of the best things to do. One night we played beach volleyball with some of the employees for about 3 hours. I have so many great memories because of them! Jamaica Couples Resort

4- Loyal Vacationers– While we only stayed at one of the Couples resorts, we were able to talk to many others and they could not say enough about the rest of them. We met a few couples that have been going to Couples resorts for over 25 years. One of the groups had been there 97 times! Can you imagine?! That is some serious dedication and love for a resort.

5- Adults/Couples Only– I know this won’t be for everyone, but it was really enjoyable being surrounded by all couples. The games were all geared towards adults, and it was all together a different experience from a resort that does allow children. Most of the time I would have no problem going to a resort with children, I grew up with that since I am the oldest of 5, but this was a nice getaway. It also helps because if you have children, there won’t be others running around to make you wish you had brought your own.
Jamaica Couples Resort

6- Smaller Than A Large Resort– This is another thing that won’t be for everyone, but we loved it for this trip. Sometimes I want to have a bunch of places to go and endless options of which pool to swim-in, but the size of this resort was perfect for our trip. There are only 2 buildings, and one of them is only 3 stories tall. You could walk from one side of the resort to the other in just a few minutes, and it was hard to get lost.

Jamaica Couples Resort

Other things I loved about this resort:

  • Spa area with mineral pool in a wooded area behind the buildings
  • Hammocks around the property
  • Various themed nights such as: a martini night on the roof and beach bash night with a magic show
  • The resort decor was adorable
  • The floats available to take into the pool and there were several anchored in the sea
  • Affordable compared to other all-inclusives
  • Transportation from the airport is included
  • Amazing views!!!

Jamaica Couples Resort

Have you ever been to a Couples resort?


ALSO!! Happy 26th Birthday to my husband!  Jamaica Couples Resort


  • Jenn

    I’ll definitely have to check this out because Josh and I would love to see more of Jamaica! and I did look into Sandals and others like that and you’re right, they said all inclusive but they didn’t seem all inclusive to me.

    • Macy Volpe

      You would love it!! We had such a great time, and it really made a lasting impression on us. We became friends with so many people there that were either vacationing themselves or working there.

  • Lauren

    It’s really not easy to get my guy to go on vacations, but I think he would be MUCH more likely to visit a place like this!!

    • Macy Volpe

      I can not recommend this place enough, if I didn’t have so many places on my list to see, I would go back to this exact resort over and over again. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about it.

  • Meg Taylor

    This place looked beautiful. We went to an adults-only all-inclusive for our honeymoon and fell in love with that type of vacation. I’ve never heard of this company and need to look it up!!

  • Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    My sister and her husband did a Sandals resort for their honeymoon and absolutely loved it! I’ve wanted to do an all inclusive resort for a while and Couples sounds right up our alley. I love the fact that it’s smaller and that the excursions are included. Plus who can beat all you can eat and drink!

  • Jacquelyn @ Lowcountry Mama

    THIS is where I’m going next time we go to Jamaica! We were going to go to an all-inclusive couples resort for our honeymoon, but then decided to do a cruise after we found out I was pregnant, since the main reason we wanted to go and could justify the price was unlimited drinks. Included excursions is also such a good deal!

    • Macy Volpe

      YAY!!! You will love it!! We had such an amazing time and it was absolutely beautiful. Make sure you can drink all day long. We started at 9am and went until about 11pm every night and never had a single hangover! We are thinking it is because the juices are so fresh and not full of sugar.

  • casacaudill

    We spent five nights at Couples Sans Souci in Ocho Rios in March 2011 and it was bliss. It was also the only time I’ve enjoyed an All Inclusive Resort and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that it was geared toward adults who were there to relax, not families or those looking to party. One of the employees summed it up best when he jokingly said, “At Couples Sans Souci, the party goes on all night. And by all night, we mean midnight.” Everyone laughed, but it was true. The place was so serene and so quiet. No techno music coming from the pool all day long, no kids screaming and shrieking or running by flinging sand on you. It was heaven. If we ever make it back to Jamaica I know for sure that we’ll be staying at a Couples property, probably in Negril.

    • Macy Volpe

      Yes!! Those are such great points about the Couples resorts. There was one night we went to the “club” and it was so nice to find people just dancing with their spouses. I don’t think I even made it to midnight any of the nights, but it was great because I was ready to go around 7/8am. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, so happy to know that others loved Couples as much as we did! We would love to visit a resort in Negril as well!

  • Sheryl @ How to Make a Life

    Stopping by from your feature on Anne’s page and had to click on this post. We are Couples junkies and have gone 4 times. I absolutely LOVE everything about the resorts. Each one has a little different personality but still has the same relaxed atmosphere. We’ve stayed at everyone except Tower Isle and it’s nice to see your photos.

    • Macy Volpe

      Thanks for stopping by!! I am always trying to talk people into avoiding resorts like Sandals or Beaches now because Couples is just SO good to it’s guests. I would love to go back and visit another one of the resorts, probably Negril since we have been to the other side of Jamaica now.

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