Winery & Brewery Tour In Frederick, Maryland

Winery Frederick Maryland

The Valentines Day surprise I had planned for Dave was a huge success! Last week I mentioned that this year, I decided to take over the plans for the holiday. Dave has done such an amazing job spoiling me over the last 3 years, and I wanted to do something special for him.

Several months ago I got an email about a Winery and Brewery tour in Frederick, Maryland, which is just over an hour away from us. With our trips to North Carolina, we have developed a new love for beer, and that only escalated when Megan’s boyfriend, Chris, told Dave about the app untapped. He is constantly trying new beers now, so I figured this would be great. I booked the tour and didn’t even give him a hint about what we were doing.

On the car ride there, we went through half of the questions I had put together. This was so much fun and our conversations were great. I love that we are still learning things about each other. I’m really glad that Dave enjoyed this, he even made sure that we finished the questions on our ride home the next day. Once we arrived to the pick-up spot in Frederick, Maryland, I told Dave what we were doing. He was really surprised and excited, then when I got out all of the food I had packed for us (bread, cheese, meats, etc) he was even more excited.

There were about 10 different couples on our tour and we all got onto the private shuttle and were off to our first winery. I couldn’t believe we were the only ones to bring food with us, some of the other couples were saying we were the most experienced at wine and beer tastings, I couldn’t believe it. Especially because they were all at least 20 years older. We had so much fun with them throughout the day!

Winery Frederick Maryland

Our first stop was Loews Vineyards, where we started the day off with about 10 different wines to taste. The owner, Lois, was giving us the tour and telling us all about their process, as well as how the vineyard started. It is all family owned and operated, and even though they have had opportunities to grow larger, they wanted to keep their small business, small. She was the sweetest lady, and the wines were delicious!

Brewery Frederick Maryland Brewery Frederick Maryland Brewery Frederick Maryland

After Loews, our next stop was Milkhouse Brewery. Milk house was at the top of a hill, which we almost passed because the driveway was snow covered. Thankfully, our shuttle made it up the hill. This is where the real party started. All of the beer is brewed right in the small building. There was an adorable outdoor area with a fire pit and blankets!! It was 6 degrees, so we opted to stay inside, but I would love to go back. Here we each had 9, 5 ounce samples of beer and the party really started. I’m a fruity beer lover, but Milkhouse had more darks than anything. Dave enjoyed it though!

Brewery Frederick Maryland Brewery Frederick Maryland

We were then led to Linganore Winery and Brewery where we could have the best of both worlds! We started in the brewery with 6 different beers, and they were amazing! I loved almost all of them. Our guide told us about the raspberry cider they had just made and I was sold. Raspberry is my favorite flavor of beer or wine, and this cider did not disappoint. We may have bought a growler and a bottle. After the brewery, we headed into the winery, where they have over 30 different types of wine. Since we had already indulged in many drinks, we stuck with the sweet whites. We had 10 different samples, and ended up with even more raspberry wine. I just couldn’t help myself!

Winery Frederick Maryland

Winery Frederick Maryland

Winery Frederick Maryland

Our very last winery was my absolute favorite stop, but not specifically for the wine. Being a wedding planner, I am always on the lookout for venues and the Springfield Manor was beautiful! With mountains as the backdrop and an absolutely gorgeous house on the property, the heart eyes were fully present. It was an added bonus that the wine was delicious and we had an hour to listen to the live band. We ordered some glasses of wine, a loaf of bread and the most amazing herb cheese spread I have ever had and enjoyed the end of our afternoon.

I was sad to see the tour end, but we had the most perfect day. I’m so happy we were able to experience another part of Maryland and explore more wineries and breweries. Most of all, I’m thankful for another holiday with Dave and that he loved his surprise.

Have you ever done a winery or brewery tour?

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  • Reply Lauren

    What was the name of the tour? Just for future Colin purposes 😉

    February 19, 2016 at 9:17 am
    • Reply Macy Volpe

      It was A Touch of Class Limo 🙂

      February 24, 2016 at 8:39 pm
  • Reply Annie

    Wow. Looks so much fun! I am definitely going to have to take Brandon. And RASPBERRY Cider? I need that in my life!

    February 19, 2016 at 9:23 am
    • Reply Macy Volpe

      We should do a boy blate and do a tour sometime!! There are so many brewery and wine trails around MD!

      February 24, 2016 at 8:39 pm
  • Reply Jasmine @makingrestorations

    Such a thoughtful date to plan for your Husband. My guy is an avid beer drinker too so we go on tons of brewery tours (and to vineyards for me) but I have never heard of a combination brewery/vineyard tour. what a cool concept

    February 19, 2016 at 10:54 am
    • Reply Macy Volpe

      I was so excited when I found a tour that had both of breweries and wineries! We had a really great time being about to do both.

      February 24, 2016 at 8:40 pm
  • Reply Jacquelyn @ Lowcountry Mama

    This would be my ideal date! I love breweries.. I’ve never been to a winery yet but there’s actually one really close so I should probably go soon =)

    February 19, 2016 at 3:31 pm
    • Reply Macy Volpe

      Isn’t it amazing!! Wineries are awesome, and often on such beautiful properties!

      February 24, 2016 at 8:40 pm
  • Reply GrumpyRockStar

    I’m from the Frederick area, and some of the names of the breweries / wineries are spelled wrong. It’s Loew Vineyard, and Linganore Winery. Also, Linganore does weddings too.

    February 19, 2016 at 4:15 pm
    • Reply Macy Volpe

      Thank you so much for pointing this out! I had done weddings at Linganore previously, but never at Springfield. I was excited to see a newer venue!

      February 24, 2016 at 8:41 pm
  • Reply Jenn

    This looks like so much fun!

    February 19, 2016 at 6:13 pm
    • Reply Macy Volpe

      It was a blast, I can’t wait to do it again!

      February 24, 2016 at 8:41 pm
  • Reply Megan

    So glad we could feed the love for beer 😉 I’m obsessed with the picture of the old truck- so pretty! It looks like you guys had a blast! Can I tag along next time? 🙂

    February 20, 2016 at 11:33 am
    • Reply Macy Volpe

      Thank you!! YES please!! We should have a blate like this.

      February 24, 2016 at 8:41 pm
  • Reply Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    It sounds like you had the best Valentine’s Day! I love that you not only got to visit wineries but breweries as well, so there was a little bit of something for everybody. Y’all were so smart to pack food for the trip, and I’m a little surprised that nobody else thought of it.

    February 21, 2016 at 3:12 pm
    • Reply Macy Volpe

      It ended up being the perfect combination and we had a really nice time. We wouldn’t have made it without having food. The wineries didn’t sell food, and the breweries only had small plates, we needed carbs to even out the alcohol 😉

      February 24, 2016 at 8:42 pm
  • Reply Jessy @ The Artsy Cajun

    How fun!!!! This looks like a blast! We’ve never done a winery tour, but I have to say, after seeing and hearing about your tour, I may start looking into them! The Mr. loves all of the craft beer and trying different wines, so I think this would be right up his alley!

    February 21, 2016 at 6:25 pm
    • Reply Macy Volpe

      It was a really nice time. Winery tours are so much fun, and they are often on beautiful properties which is really nice in the spring. I’m recently getting into breweries and it was nice to do these tours and see where the beer is made.

      February 24, 2016 at 8:43 pm

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