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World of Coke

Back in December when we went to Atlanta for a weekend, we wanted to explore the World of Coke, because honestly, we love Coca-cola. As bad for your health it might be, there was always soda in our refrigerator, and 99% of the time it was Coke. Don’t you dare ask if we have Pepsi…and NO they don’t taste the same. Like when the waitress says “is Pepsi okay?” when you ask for Coke at a restaurant, I don’t even know how to respond.

With all of that being said, World of Coke was calling our name, especially my sisters. She is obsessed with coke, she even has a coke mini fridge in her room to store her supply (and hide it from our brothers) I knew this would be the perfect place to take her. I loved how close the WoC was to the Aquarium, they share a park and are right across from each other. This outside area is where your World of Coke experience begins with ornaments, displays and statues. Even a WoC cafe.  world of coke

world of coke

Once you buy your ticket into the building, you are directed into a room where you wait for the tour to begin. Along this walkway you will find Coke memorabilia, and since we were there during Christmas, they had red and white Christmas trees in the lobby. It is a very modern building, which is nice to see with such a classic thing like coke.

world of coke world of coke world of coke

Every 15-minutes or so a new group of excited guests walk into a room full of old memorabilia, which is called The Loft. From all over the world, decades, and products, you will find all kinds of interesting things. They had one of the very first Coca-Cola dispensers, vintage lunch boxes, and huge signs that used to be on display at the original Coke factory. Our tour guide asked around the room to see who had come to visit from the furthest away, and it was amazing to hear that people really were from all over the world! China and Greece were two places that I can remember.

After the memorabilia tour, we were led into the Coca-Cola Theatre, which was also the last stop of our guided tour. A video started with memories of Coke and I’m not going to lie, I sobbed the entire way through. There were birth announcements, Army dads that surprised their families by coming home, a couple getting married and so much more. It was the most touching moment and all ended up as a “Coke moment”. I think I will have a Coke for the rest of my life!

Once the guided tour ended, we were let loose in the rest of the building. There were a lot of different areas, each with something new to offer. We first headed to The Vault, which is where you can learn all about the secret formula and how it came about. After over 125 years, the secret formula remains a secret, even though many companies have tried to mimic it and sell their own version. Nothing will ever compare! There were several interactive experiences throughout this exhibit, including a game similar to the kinetic at the end.

world of coke

After our journey through The Vault, we needed to get our photo with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear. Thankfully we were right on time and the line wasn’t crazy long. The Bear was hilarious! Dave was using a cane at the time with his walking boot, and the bear was blaming me for it, and pushed me out of the first few photos. I somehow got back in his good graces and we were able to get a picture of all of us together.

World of Coke

Also on the bottom floor, you can go through the bottle making process, and the Coke milestones room. Again, I thought it was so neat to see all of the progress that had been made since Coca-Cola was originally created. Coke is a part of history! In the bottle works area, you can see the way bottles were previously made and how they are created now. In the past, there was a big machine with a foot pedal that was used to put the cap on a bottle, that thing was tough! I can’t imagine putting hundreds of caps on, everyday.

world of coke world of cokeworld of coke world of coke

After we finished exploring the first floor, we went up to the 4-D theatre and the pop culture gallery. I thought these were both great additions to bring in modern themes to the exhibits. After the more serious and interactive-ness of the lower level, we were transported into the future of Coke and it’s products. You can step into a scene from American Idol, and take a photo among the modern green room, or take in the sights of the pop culture artwork.

Last but not least was our most favorite room…the tasting room! You can go on a trip around the world through various flavors of Coca-Cola sodas. There are more than 100 options for you to taste, and a few very famous options. Everyone will tell you to try the Beverly…it is terrible, but try it anyways! It originated in Italy as a non-alcoholic pre-dinner drink, and has been around since the late 60’s. It was discontinued in 2009, but you can still get a taste at World of Coke!

World of Coke


At the end of your journey through the world, you can grab a commemorative glass bottle of coke (fo’ free!) and enter the shop. We bought a few things to remember our trip, and were finished the entire place in about 3 hours. A perfect stop before dinner!

World of Coke


Have you ever been to World of Coke?

  • Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    How cool! We always have Coke in our house too (my husband) and yes..Coke and Pepsi are NOT the same. Cherry Coke is my go to 😉 I would love to visit here!

    • Macy Volpe

      You would have so much fun, and I’m sure Ethan would really dig it!

  • Megan

    YAY! So glad you were able to visit! I totally agree with the Coke vs Pepsi statement. Growing up I was drinking Coke in our house, my brother was drinking Pepsi and my parents were drinking Diet Coke…if you grabbed the wrong one it was bad! That bear…is so weird. I didn’t want a photo with him and everyone else did so I jumped in and am glad I did. Its one of the best pics of my family hahaa. Love yours!

    • Macy Volpe

      That is how it was in our house too- except my brothers loved Sprite. That polar bear was quite interesting, I probably would be too though- if nobody knew who I was underneath haha

  • Meg Taylor

    We LOVED World of Coke!! I especially love all the added Christmas things from your trip, too. I had so much fun learning about their history and tasting all the crazy flavors!

    • Macy Volpe

      It was so beautiful going around Christmas! Coke always brings the Christmas magic

  • Bourbon & Lipstick

    What a fun tour! I TRY not to drink soda, but admit there’s nothing better than an ice-cold fountain Coke!

    • Macy Volpe

      I agree! I don’t drink it anywhere near as much as I used to, but when I do it’s either coke from McDonalds or Dr. Pepper 😉

  • Annie

    This looks absolutely amazing. I’m adding it to our travel list as we speak!

    • Macy Volpe

      You should!! You will even get glass bottles at the end to go along with your tradition 😉

  • Lauren

    I totally want to go!!!

    • Macy Volpe

      You would love it- such a great tour!

  • Jacquelyn @ Lowcountry Mama

    I love the World of Coke! We used to just walk there on random days and try every single flavor.

    • Macy Volpe

      So jealous, we had such a good time!

  • Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    The World of Coke was seriously so much fun! Obviously, I made my husband try Beverly, and he hated it, but it was funny to watch! We loved the fact that everything was so close to each other in ATL too!

    • Macy Volpe

      It was so funny to see everyones reaction, especially going in thinking that it would be delicious!

  • Kari Haywood

    Definitely going to have to do this! We’re in Knoxville and my husband LOVES Coke. So…nice weekend vacation!

    • Macy Volpe

      That would be the perfect trip for you! Definitely worth the tour :)

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