The Best and Worst Days of Your Life: 20’s

The Best and Worst Days of Your Life: 20's

About 2 years ago around my 20th birthday, you could have asked me what I wanted to do with my life, who I wanted to be, and who I wanted with me on the journey. My answers all would have been wrong. I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought I knew myself. I am now 22 and I maybe still don’t, but I have a much better idea now compared to then.

I am living on my own, I have a wonderful boyfriend, I am very close with my family, I have a decent job, and I am mommy to an adorable kitty. I am not in my dream job, but I know what that is now and I am working towards it. I don’t have my dream house, or my dream care, but I know that right now they aren’t attainable. One day, they will be.

I am 22 years old and on my way to a life that I want.

I am sure there are some people that have their life figured out by 18 and they know what they want. I think most of them are forced into thinking it is what they want, or what they can have. But still, it is good enough for them. At this point in my life, I am finished settling.I hope other girls in their 20’s realize they don’t need to settle.

I see too many girls selling themselves short, giving into that guy at the bar, or working a job that degrades themselves just because they get good tips. You can do better. Save yourself, leave meaning to things, don’t think that you need to do what everyone else is doing in order to fit in. I recently read an article that was about chivalry. It was from a guys point of view and basically said it is dead because girls don’t expect anything anymore. We don’t want to go out for a nice dinner, we don’t want to be respected, we just want attention. IS that really what a girl wants? Not me.

I am respected, I am taken to nice dinners, and I am loved. I did not need to give into any of those things to get it. Come on girls, stand up for yourself! There are so many other ways to live a great life.

Make your own choices, and do what you want to do. Travel to somewhere you have always wanted to go, and come back to your own space. Plan adventures and follow through. Look on on Pinterest and pick your next project. Take time for yourself, but also include others sometimes too. This age is about finding yourself, and then being yourself.

Set out and do it, don’t wait around for a better time. There is no time like the present. Your 20’s are here and they won’t be around forever!

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